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(blue lace)
Called the "Sagittarian" or "fire stone" because it enhances qualities of courage, strength, loyalty and honesty, adventurous spirit and restlessness, all attributes of Sagittarius.
In antiquity, agate was highly regarding as a stone of protection and good luck.
Colour: Pale blue.
Country of origin: Brazil, Egypt, India, Mexico and USA.
Chakra's attribution: Throat chakra.
Moss Agate (brown colour) is most suited for the base chakra.
Spiritual benefits: Encourages retreat and spirituality. Helps meditation and a contemplative view of life. Balance the aura. Can be used as a powerful aid to stimulate memory from past-lives.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek "amethystos" which means not drunk. It was believed in ancient Greece that one should wear a piece of amethyst near the skin or drink from a goblet incrusted with amethysts to prevent drunkenness!
Colour: Variation from deep purple (usually amethyst coming from Uruguay) to light lavender.
Country of origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Africa and Siberia
Chakra's attribution: This crystal helps opening and activates the crown chakra situated at the top of the head.
Spiritual benefits: Enhance meditation as it calms the mind and help to find inner peace and wisdom. Amethyst can induce peaceful sleep, if you put it underneath your pillow. It is believed that amethyst can warn off nightmares! Connects earth with the higher planes.

This crystal is one of my preferred whilst giving readings as I have found it very useful in helping me to concentrate and enhance my intuition.

Its name comes from Latin "Aqua Marina" meaning the seawater. Old tales talked about how it changes its colour to reveal the truth or lies.
Colour: Pale blue to blue green or light green.
Country of origin: Russia, USA, Madagascar and Brazil
Chakra's attribution: Throat chakra. This beryl helps communication with others and also within oneself.
Spiritual benefits: Create balance, well being, spiritual growth, mediumship, clairvoyance and strength. Aquamarine is called the stone of courage as it gives determination to achieve. It enhances personal creativity and it is an excellent gem for artists of all horizons.

Its name comes from Italian "A Ventura" meaning "randomly".
Colour: Green.
Country of origin: Brazil, India, Russia and Tanzania
Chakra's attribution: Heart chakra. Protects this area of the body after depression or grief.
Spiritual benefits: Stimulates dreams. Enhances relaxation, regeneration. Help to lose anxiety, fear and negative thoughts. Promotes well being and encourages independence.

This variety of chalcedony was used in ancient Egypt to open doors of the mental/spiritual kind.
Colour: Dark green with red spots.
Country of origin: Australia, Brazil and Chile
Chakra's attribution: Root chakra. Helps to boost blood circulation and clear physical blockages.
Spiritual benefits: Relieve feeling of anxiety and fear. Alleviate stress by encouraging creativity and increasing inspiration. It is said to bring prophetic dreams.

Colour: Red/orange.
Country of origin: Found all over the world.
Chakra's attribution: Sacral chakra situated on the solar plexus. Carnelian helps to balance feelings and open creativity and enjoy a pleasurable lifestyle.
Spiritual benefits: Aids concentration by dispelling apathy. Connect with one's inner-self. Dissipate sorrow. Good balancer for mind, body and spirit. Carnelian brings joy, sociability by opening one's heart. Promotes family unity and love.

Belongs to the quartz family of crystals. Citrine was one of the crystals commonly used by the Druids for healing.
Colour: Yellow to golden/brown.
Country of origin: USA, Madagascar, Brazil
Chakra's attribution: Sacral chakra on the solar plexus.
Spiritual benefits: Helps to cope with stress or emotional challenges. Raise one's self-esteem and encourage positive outlook. Good for cleansing a room after an argument or emotional trauma as Citrine creates a neutral environment. This quartz also attracts abundance in one's life. Protection against nightmares as it promotes restful sleep.

Also called the "Gatherer" because this mineral is able to calm over-excitable people by helping concentration and meditation.
Colour: Three different colour bands (purple, green and white).
Country of origin: Mexico
Chakra's attribution: Third eye chakra. Fluorite helps to open the gate between the mind and the spirit. Take away false illusions and helps to concentrate and to obtain information psychically.
Spiritual benefits: Controls anger and impulsive behaviour. Helps to be in touch with one's intuition and to understand the complexity of life. Enhances meditation as fluorite opens the unconscious.

I like to use a candle holder made of fluorite prior to readings as I find it useful to calm my mind.

During the middle ages time, garnet was recognised as a spiritual stone which was able to bring light and hopes where one's path of life was hidden from view. Garnet amulets were also worn as bringer of luck, wealth and blessings. It was common to find garnet set into warrior's shields and sword hilts for protection against injuries.
Colour: deep red. Garnet with a violet colour is known as carbuncle.
Country of origin: India, USA, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Africa
Chakra's attribution: Root chakra.
Spiritual benefits: Helps to cope with everyday problems and extreme situations and traumas. Balance emotional disharmony bringing love and contentment. Good stone to enhance imagination and compassion.

Used by the ancient Egyptians to staunch the flow of blood from a wound.
Colour: metallic grey or black.
Country of origin: Widely dispersed.
Chakra's attribution: Root chakra. Excellent for grounding energies.
Spiritual benefits: Promotes higher state of awareness. Encourages positive thinking and inspiration. Unblocks mental limitations and open the path to discovery and adventure.

Good luck and healing stone used by the Chinese. Also called the "patient stone" because jade's energies take some time to work. This stone is believed to increase longevity.
Colour: Dark green or lavender.
Country of origin: China, Turkey (lavender Jade), Japan and Burma.
Chakra's attribution: Heart chakra. Helps to balance it by infusing unconditional love.
Spiritual benefits: Jade is known as the "virtue stone" as it enhances many virtues within one individual such as wisdom, courage, honesty, patience, justice and modesty. Awakens hidden inner knowledge and promotes dreams.

Used in ancient Egypt for making scarab amulets.
Colour: Red, yellow, green.
Country of origin: South Africa, India and USA.
Chakra's attribution: Root chakra.
Spiritual benefits: Helps to achieve one's goals by giving determination. Enhances willpower. Stimulates imagination by transforming ideas into actions.

Its name comes from the Labrador's region when it was first found in the mid-eighteenth's century. Because of its relatively recent past, no known traditions are associated with this stone.
Colour: Dark green to grey and when turned in the light it displays a full spectrum of iridescent colours.
Country of origin: Madagascar and Finland.
Chakra's attribution: n/a
Spiritual benefits: This mineral is thought of being an "illusion killer" as its colourful display of iridescence can show one's goals and display one's real intentions. Excellent mineral to enhance intuition and mediumistic disposition.

Lapis Lazuli
Its name derives from Persian "lazur" which means blue stone. Widely used by the ancient Egyptians as a magical stone for worshipping purposes. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the sky at night with the stars. This stone is also known as the stone of friendship.
Colour: dark blue with white, grey or green thin lines.
Country of origin: Afghanistan, Chile and Russia.
Chakra's attribution: third eye chakra. Opens the door between conscious self and higher self.
Spiritual benefits: creates harmony between mind, body and spirit. Reveals one's inner truth and deepens intuition and psychic awareness. Also al tool for dreams and "illumination".

Used by Russian tsars for decorative purposes. It was also a stone dedicated to Venus/Aphrodite in classical times and to Hathor in ancient Egypt. It was believed that Malachite was a stone for womanhood as it enhanced seduction, sensuality, aesthetics and the arts.
Colour: light to dark green with banded markings.
Country of origin: Russia (The Urals), Zambia, Zimbabwe and Zaire.
Chakra's attribution: heart chakra to enhance compassion and unconditional love.
Spiritual benefits: Awakens desire for knowledge. Stimulates dreams, imagination and visualisation. Enhances the capacity of observation and encourages the expression of feelings in more intense ways.

As its name indicates, Moonstone is linked to the Moon and its attributions such as intuition, feelings and fertility. In ancient times this stone was used in magical love spells.
Colour: white brownish/greyish or blue shimmer.
Country of origin: Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and USA.
Chakra's attribution: heart chakra.
Spiritual benefits: encourages clairvoyance, mediumship and lucid dreams. Enhances feminine qualities such as nurturing, intuition, romanticism and wisdom.

Used in ancient Egypt for healing and as jewels. In the middle ages, this stone was thought effective to ward off evil spirits and nightmares.
Colour: generally olive green, bottle green and greenish/yellow.
Country of origin: Australia, China, Mexico and USA.
Chakra's attribution: n/a
Spiritual benefits: Helps to detach one self from outside influences by creating wisdom and higher conscious. Stimulates the mind and cleanses negative feelings.

Known as the "fire stone" as it sparks when struck and was used in ancient times to start fires.
Colour: golden metallic.
Country of origin: Spain and South America.
Chakra's attribution: n/a
Spiritual benefits: helps to uncover hidden memories and secrets. Encourages self realisation by clarifying underlying problems in order to initiate necessary changes. Helps one to acknowledge their positive and negative qualities in order to bring harmony to one's life.

One of the best known crystals and referred to as the "stone of healers or stone of power" because of the abilities of this crystal to enhance any energy field within its surrounding.
Colour: clear white or white with "clouds" formation.
Country of origin: throughout the world.
Chakra's attribution: crown chakra.
Spiritual benefits: enhances meditation and helps to open intuition when gazing into the crystal. Excellent tool for "fortune telling" and psychic readings.
Clear quartz comes in many shapes and qualities: crystal balls are the most commonly known and a "real" clear quartz crystal ball can be very expensive.

Personally, I use a clear quartz obelisk on my table during readings as I love gazing into the crystal to see its incredible beauty and feel its gentle energies.

Rose quartz has been used for centuries for healing heart problems and female related disorders. Rose quartz is still used today in love magic, to attract love in one's life and to encourage self-esteem.
Colour: pale pink to darker pink.
Country of origin: Brazil, USA.
Chakra's attribution: heart chakra.
Spiritual benefits: helps to attain a feeling of peace and love on a deep level. Increases one's imagination and encourages spiritual harmony. Excellent healer for emotional wounds. Transforms negative feelings such as anger, jealousy into compassion and ability to forgive and heal the past.

Best known as Venus hair in ancient times because of its golden threads running through the quartz reminding us of Venus' luscious locks.
Colour: brown with golden or copper red threads.
Country of origin: Brazil.
Chakra's attribution: sacral chakra on the solar plexus.
Spiritual benefits: powerful healing quartz. Rutilated quartz has an anti-depressant effect by lifting the mood, and ease fear and anxiety. This quartz also enhances communication with the higher self.

Smoky quartz was considered as a protection against black magic and bad luck in ancient time (Alpine regions).
Colour: light to dark brown.
Country of origin: Europe, South America.
Chakra's attribution: root chakra.
Spiritual benefits: helps to dissolve negative energies and thoughts by promoting positive attitudes. Enhances dreams and encourages relaxation by releasing stress.

This variety of quartz was seen as protection against nightmares in Arabic tradition.
Colour: clear quartz with black needle-like structures (tourmaline) inside the quartz.
Country of origin: Brazil.
Chakra's attribution: crown chakra.
Spiritual benefits: Tourmaline quartz helps to connect with other people and ease feeling of loneliness or isolation. It dissipates negative thoughts and can alleviate stress. Can be used to enhance astral projection.

From the Greek "rhodon" meaning rose (pink), this stone has been known as Rhodonite for the last two centuries.
Colour: pink with black veins.
Country of origin: USA.
Chakra's attribution: N/A.
Spiritual benefits: it brings reconciliation between people who have hurt each other. Gives self-esteem and bestows spiritual maturity. Helps with fear, confusion and panic. Excellent stone to improve memory.

Also known as the "clear one" as it brings clarity of mind, idealism and the search for the truth.
Colour: dark blue.
Country of origin: Brazil,
Chakra's attribution: throat chakra.
Spiritual benefits: helps to remain true to one-self by transmitting clear feelings. Increases creative expression and the courage to seek freedom. Good for meditation leading to higher wisdom.

Tiger Eye
Protective stone used during the middle ages, to make amulets protecting people against witchcraft and the evil eye.
Colour: golden brown.
Country of origin: South Africa, Namibia.
Chakra's attribution: root chakra.
Spiritual benefits: The stone of courage and strong will power by excellence. It helps to give clear perception and overcome doubts through difficult times.

Turquoise has been associated with the native tribes of North America, the ancient Egyptians, the shamanic tribes of Tibet and the Turks. In many of these cultures, turquoise was worn as a powerful talisman against evil spells, and to promote good health, happiness and friendship.
Colour: green to turquoise.
Country of origin: Iran, USA.
Chakra's attribution: throat chakra.
Spiritual benefits: encourages people to realise that they create their own "luck". Enhances higher levels of knowledge and intuition. Improves communication between people and enhances creativity. Inspires love of nature. A good gem to balance mood fluctuations.
Arcanum Five Senses Colours Essential Oils Tarot Tips Tarot Patchwork