Tarot Mentoring

Tarot Mentoring


Starting your tarot journey is beautiful and magical.
With time, dedication and practice, the journey will become a way of life, part of you and your soul.

Tarot mentoring sessions can help you deepen your understanding of the cards and may also answer some of the questions you have, which cannot be found in books.

The sessions can be seen as a spiritual investment in your practice, regardless if you are a seasonal reader or a professional reader.

Why should you have one-to-one tarot webcam mentoring sessions with Oephebia?
Oephebia is a successful “old” hand when it comes to tarot readings as she has over four decades of experience reading the tarot, and over two decades of teaching the cards.

Please note that the fees for the sessions are listed further down this page.



Beginner Level


Tarot Mentoring
Beginner level

If you are a total beginner with the tarot, it would be more advisable for you to enrol on Oephebia’s tarot course (or any other course) , in order to gain a solid knowledge and practice with your cards.



Intermediate Level


Tarot Mentoring
Intermediate level

If you consider yourself as intermediate with the tarot, then the mentoring sessions will help you to deepen your relationship with the cards.

Here are the most common themes to be discussed (these are just the tip of the iceberg):

- Making sense of “difficult” cards during a reading, what are they trying to convey?
- Identifying your style of reading.
- Gaining clarity in your tarot journey.
- Becoming a more confident reader.
- Intuitively sensing the energies of the cards on your table (and how to do it).
- Weaving a story between the cards for a clearer picture to emerge.
- Help with some of the readings you have done that were challenging.
- The tricky question of timing in a reading.
- Tackling difficult situations in a reading (such as bereavement, betrayal etc) for others and self.
- Choosing a spread that will give you a clear picture of a situation.
- Using numerology and/or astrology to give more depth to your reading.
- How to set boundaries with yourself and others.
- How to take care of yourself after a few readings.
- Tarot court cards in a reading, how to make sense of them.
- Should I read the tarot when I am drunk or under stress?
- Is it healthy to ask the same question repeatedly to the tarot?
- How to rephrase some questions.
- Trusting your intuition even if the cards suggest a different outcome.
- Doing a “live” reading for Oephebia to see where you may want to improve.
- Third party reading, good idea or not?
- How to be neutral during a reading.
- Should you read for yourself?

Please note that the mentoring sessions will use the Rider Waite Smith (and decks based on this system). If you are using the Thoth tarot, as it is a specific system, some of the themes in this level will not be discussed.



Advanced / Professional Level


Tarot Mentoring
Advanced / professional level

Suitable for tarot entrepreneurs, or people with an existing business or, if you are aiming to setup your own tarot business.

Tarot mentoring sessions can help you with (this list is not exhaustive):

- Why do you want to be a professional reader?
- Tarot parties and entertainment, what to be aware of.
- How to have a good healthy practice.
- Setting up your practice and using all the Queens of the tarot to help you.
- Professional advice and constructive feedback about your website and social presence.
- Tarot blogs, friend or foe?
- Why SEO (search engine optimization) is important for your tarot business.
- Google reviews, or reviews online, is it worth it?
- Code of ethics, should you have one?
- Where to conduct readings?
- Do you need to belong to a tarot organisation?
- Insurance, business bank account, HMRC, Paypal etc
- Your website, does it reflect your personality and your practice?
- Tarot and media (magazines, newspapers, TV etc).
- Your spiritual business plan, where do you stand with it?
- Marketing offline and online (social media).
- Why the Fool is your guiding light with your tarot practice.
- Do you need to spend money with CPD? (continuous Professional Development).
- Do you need to have a tarot certificate to practise your readings (UK only).
- Online/webcam readings, the pros and the cons.
- Emails readings, what makes a good reading?
- Telephone lines.
- Difficult clients, how to handle them.
- Who is your clientele?
- Setting up a business at home, pros and cons.



Tarot Mentoring Fees


Tarot Mentoring Fees

One-to-one tarot mentoring session fees with Oephebia.
To start with, a 60 minute session is advisable, in order for you to see if you like Oephebia’s mentoring style and if a session has answered some of your questions.

Longer sessions are available on request.

Your investment starts at £75 for a 60 minute session.

Mentoring program (intermediate and advanced/professional level).
After an initial mentoring session, if you would like to delve deeper and have a tailored mentoring program, such as a session every other week (two sessions a month) or one session a week, Oephebia will be happy to discuss your needs and devise a working plan for you.

Please note that all fees are paid fully in advance.



Tarot Mentoring Sessions


Tarot Mentoring Sessions

Please be comfortable, as you will need to be your authentic self and fairly relaxed, in order to benefit from these sessions.

Have your tarot cards ready, a cup of tea or coffee, wear comfy clothes, have a notebook nearby to take notes and let’s talk about you and your tarot journey.